Past Simple vs Past continuous Grammar

Past Simple vs Past continuous:

Past SimplePast Continuous
V2 or Ved 
• He worked.
• I spoke.Did…V1?
• Did speak? – No, I didn’t.
• Did he speak? – Yes, he did.
You were speaking. She was speaking. Was/Were + Ving Was/Were…..Ving?

• Were you speaking? – Yes, you were.
• Was she speaking? – No, she wasn’t.
We use the Past Simple for:

1. actions which happened one after anotherShe came home, switched on the computer and checked her emails.

2. completed action + stated timeShe passed her exam last week.

3. past habits → used toWhen he was young, he rode/used to ride his bike to school.
We use the Past Continuous for:action in progress + stated time Yesterday at 5 o’clock I was playing tennis. two or more actions at the same time Simon was playing on the computer while his brother was watching TV.description of surrounding/introduc-tion of a storyThey were travelling to Swansea, the sunwas shining, the birds were singingaction in progress interrupted byanother past actionI was playing football when I broke my ankle.
Time expressions:Yesterday, last night/week/month/, in 1994, 3 days/months agoTime expressions:Yesterday at … o’clock, while, when/as

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