Countable / Uncountable nouns Grammar

Nouns can be countable and uncountable, so to make sentences you should know whether it is countable or uncountable:   Watch out! Some words have countable and uncountable meaning: experience – досвід; події chocolate – шоколад; шоколадні цукерки hair – волосся на голові; окремі волосинки work – робота; витвори rain – дощ; опади people – […]

Past Simple vs Past continuous Grammar

Past Simple vs Past continuous: Past Simple Past Continuous V2 or Ved • He worked.• I spoke.Did…V1?• Did I speak? – No, I didn’t.• Did he speak? – Yes, he did. You were speaking. She was speaking. Was/Were + Ving Was/Were…..Ving?• Were you speaking? – Yes, you were.• Was she speaking? – No, she wasn’t. We use the Past Simple for: 1. actions which happened one after anotherShe came home, switched on the computer and checked her emails. 2. completed […]

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